Success Stories

Austyn M. - "Anissa helped me feel comfortable as a beginner to yoga. There's an informal amosphere to her sessions which puts you at ease. She's incredibly knowledgeable and has your best interest in mind. She explains the poses and the points to remember so you are doing the poses and strerches correctly as to not hurt your body. I always come away from class feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend Anissa!"

SFC (RET) Heath A. - "I attended Anissa's yoga class. I was transitioning from the military to civilian life because my body was too broken down to continue serving. I was extremely hesitant about yoga, mostly because of the stigma of yoga and nervous about being the only dude there. Anissa was very supportive of both the act of the poses as well as getting past that laughing voice in the back of my head. The wide variety of poses made it able for me to work around physical barriers and actually be able to loosen some very sore and stuff joints. In addition to her very accepting program, Anissa introduced me to the power of smell and how my body reacts to the different oils. I'll stop my rambling because I could go on and on. In summary, if I resided closer I would still be attending classes with Anissa. Extremely beneficial and a nice warm relaxing aura. Namaste."

Monica M. - "Anissa always takes the time to set the routine to the needs of her clients. She genuinely wants each student to get the most out of their sessions and works to make sure each student has a comfortable and relaxing space to practice in. She works with clients at different levels and is great at setting new beginners at ease. The session during my midterm exams was phenomenal, I was so centered and relaxed."

SGT (RET) Jay B. - "While stationed at Fort Riley’s Warrior Transition Brigade, I was lucky enough to take part in Anissa’s Trauma Healing Yoga program. I was rehabbing from multiple injuries and was hesitant at first. I was in pain and didn’t want to exacerbate any of my pre-existing issues. Anissa is a calm and patient teacher who makes sure to offer up alternate poses throughout her sessions. Anissa makes a point to know the people in her classes, their pain levels and adapts 

the routine to the specific student."

Robin B. - "I recently had a private healing yoga session with Anissa and it was awesome! She will expertly guide you thru your practice, whatever the focus of your session is. There is no judgement and adjustment for all levels of experience." 

Nora R. - "Anissa is one of the best yoga instructors I have met, I got my strength back and energy after having my second baby .... She is the reason that I fell in love with yoga .... I highly recommend her"

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