Trauma Healing Yoga Therapy Program Podcast

Trauma Healing Yoga Therapy Program Podcast

Hosted by: Various Hosts

I'm chatting with various hosts about yoga therapy, the science behind PTSD/trauma, the effect of yoga therapy on PTSD/Trauma, self care etc

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Your Issues Are In Your Tissues

"I'm learning another approach to utilizing yoga to help release trauma from the body. I work with people with all types of physical conditions, but I specialize in working with those suffering from PTSD, TBI’s and...
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How Trauma and PTSD Changed My Life W/ Anissa Hudak | Conscious Gems | A Black Mental Health Podcast

Mental Health is important and I’m here to help you escape social stigmas and alter your perspective on Mental Health. I’m inspired to inspire you to become the best reflection of your self and also to reach your full...
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Trauma Healing Yoga Therapy Program

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