The Phoenix Women Membership

A healing community for sexually traumatized women

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The Phoenix Women Membership

What's included...

Yoga Therapy

Your issues are in your tissues - and we are going to help you release them! Yoga is for everybody and every "body" - all types of classes to meet your mental and physical needs.

Resetting Brain Connections

When we experience trauma, some of our brain connections don't work as well as they should. Discover how to reduce  brain fog, memory issues, and increase cognitive abilities.  

Discover Other Holistic Techniques

Healing isn't a one size fits all process - it's as individual as you are! Discover other holistic techniques you can use to enhance your healing journey. 


Not your typical Facebook group...

We use a secure and confidential platform that is easy to navigate, for your safety and confidentiality. 




Healing On Your Schedule

Want to grab a class at 3AM? - No problem! For your convenience, live and recorded Yoga Therapy classes are available. 

Learn At Your Own Pace

In addition to yoga therapy classes, there are tons of self paced modules available to help you discover and experience other holistic techniques that you can add into your healing journey. 

Crafting Your Own Healing Journey

During our monthly calls, discover how to craft your own, individual healing journey to meet your exact needs. 

Join the waitlist...

Be the first to know when we are ready to go! (You want to be on the waitlist to get the best price!)

"Anissa is one of the best yoga instructors I have met, I got my strength back and energy after having my second baby .... She is the reason that I fell in love with yoga .... I highly recommend her"

Nora R.


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