Your issues are in your tissues...

At the moment we experience the traumatic event (or if exposed over long periods of times to trauma), our central nervous system "flips a switch" in our bodies to help support us in that moment. We enter into "survival mode" otherwise known as "fight, flight or freeze" mode. This switch aids us to get to safety, fend off an attacker, or dissociate if necessary.

After the traumatic event, our bodies process the experience and flip the switch back to everyday mode... but what if that switch doesn't get turned back to everyday mode? We then experience symptoms like, nightmares, anxiety, depression, hypervigilance, lack of sleep (just to name a few). Does any of this sound familiar?

Generally, trauma is treated with talk therapy and meds, with good reason. Those treatments do help.... but what about the body where all of this started? Your body needs to release the trauma that is being stored -

This is where Yoga Therapy comes in!  

How is Yoga Therapy and regular yoga different? Watch this short video below:

Hi I'm Anissa!
I help sexually traumatized women discover how to use yoga therapy to release the trauma from their bodies, heal their bodies, minds & spirits, find peace, and live the lives they were destined to live.
As a 2x rape survivor, I intimately understand the complex issues traumatized women face, and help them navigate their healing journeys.

3 Ways We Can Get Started Together...

1. Start Listening!

Join me for the latest episodes, interviews and topics on what it REALLY takes to heal Trauma/PTSD beyond talk therapy and meds & become the most amazing YOU.

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2. 3 Essential Steps Mini-Course

Are you a woman healing from sexual trauma? There are 3 Essential Steps beyond talk therapy & meds necessary to healing your trauma.  Join my NEWEST Mini-Course to set yourself up on the right healing journey for YOU!

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Safe, confidential, informative, and private - yes our groups are that and so much more. Choose between 2 different groups to best meet your needs - we look forward to seeing you "on the inside!"

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Results my clients are getting:

"I recently had a private healing yoga session with Anissa and it was awesome! She will expertly guide you thru your practice, whatever the focus of your session is. There is no judgement and adjustment for all levels of experience."

Robin B.

Anissa Hudak on DaoCloud

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